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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Curious Art Gallery presents: Summer

The concluding 7th art exhibition for 2014 celebrates all things Summer.

Artists include: Clare Johnson, Clare Bryant, Michael Bryant, Dianne Smith, Tracy Jay and Larraine Bryant.
Opening hours for the Gallery are: Thursday to Sunday 11am to 5pm D.S.T.
For further details visit: Curious Art Gallery
Summer Art Exhibition
Curious Art Gallery presents: Summer

Painting of a great white shark entitled Just Cruising
Just Cruising By by Dianne Smith
A painting of Coral
Coral mixed media on canvas by Larraine Bryant

Lighthouse painting
Lighthouse by Ness Bryant
Painitngs of Miss Prissy World Series
Paintings of Miss Prissy World Series by Clare Johnson

A photo of unusual cloud formations
Tempest – photography by Michael Bryant

A photo of a flower inside a bubble
Bubble Flower by Tracy Jay

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