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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Looking at the world in a whole new way

“Without passion… there is no energy.”

Looking at the World in a whole new way…
or LATWIAWNW for the acroynmosists

Featuring Curious Artists + Curious Kids
30/11/11 to 05/02/12
Curious Art Gallery 

Noa Deane Untitled
mixed on canvas
Sculpture by Joscelin Davis
New works from some of the Curious Kids and slightly older kids Noa Deane has been a regular exhibitor in the Curious Kids for several years. Now definetly past the kid category he’s a lifer for sure.
The legacy of Art from his creative grandmother Margaret P. Deane shines through.
Mixed media on Canvas
Imprint by Maddy
Imprint by Madhavendu (age 3)
Acrylic on paper
How do you look at the world? From wherever we’re standing, this years exhibition promises to show each individuals take on their own inner, private worlds, and the world we all share.
While all are influenced by age, height, gender, beliefs, faith and life experience, this years theme “Looking At the World In A Whole New Way” exhibition encouraged the members of Curious Art to approach their work in a fun way.
Also exhibiting will be a selected number of children and adolescents by invitation. We have had the pleasure of having seen many of the same children exhibit each year at the end of the year, and the privilege of watching their work grow to be more personal.